FI, LT, BY & UA CH, BY GR CH, BALT, EE, LV & LT JCH, BALTJW-17, EEJW-17, LVJW-17 Xtravaschnauza Quartermaster

Q is a young male with super bone & size, lovely angulations and harsh coat. 

    “Q”, b. 6/2016, 34 cm
Sire & dam:   CH Cheantake New Edition x CH Tu Dirás de Trufas Negras
Breeder & owner.:   Heli Lillbacka 
Health results:   Eyes clear 8.6.2017
Knees 0/0
Heart ultrasound: Normal
MAC 1-1 (normal, non-carrier)
Myotonia congenita: N/N (normal, non-carrier)
Show results:   Baltic Junior Winner 2017



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